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Originally Posted by tommymac View Post
What dont you like about it so far? have heard a lot of good things about them from other owners.
My review:

Engine: The bike feels a lot more sluggish than I expected. I knew there wouldn't be much steam down low, but even above 7,000 rpm it feels like it's working against itself. This is contrary to everything I've read from other owners. I've never owned a 600cc four cylinder so maybe I'm just spoiled by the big bikes.

It is extremely smooth below 5,000 rpm. Above that things get tingly. It could all be in my head, but I swear it got even smoother when I swapped out the original three year-old engine oil with fresh Amsoil.

Throttle response is very good. Earlier models had trouble with abrupt, on/off throttle transitions, but that seems to have been worked out with my 2009.

Overall, relatively smooth everywhere but the expressway, but slow.

Transmission: Maybe it's a Yamaha thing, but I keep hitting false neutrals just like I do with my WR250. Never had this problem with my previous bikes from other manufacturers.

Also, if you can't grip a basketball in one hand, you can't comfortably operate the clutch lever of the FZ6. It is WAY out there and quite stiff. The reach to the lever will take some getting used to. It has a narrow range of engagement as well that probably isn't newbie-friendly.

Ergonomics: Great seat. Very weird riding position, the awkward combination of high sportbike footpegs and a tall standard-style handlebar. Honestly, this is probably my biggest gripe. I expected it to sit more like my old Nighthawk, but it's actually very similar to the SV with its bar risers, only less comfortable. Operation of the gearshift feels strange as well, and I'm not sure if it's adjustable.

The bike sits very low. Lower than the SV and much lower than my old Daytona. Stepping off the WR it feels like my ass is right on the ground.

Handling: In a straight line, the ride is smooth and controlled. The suspension soaks up road imperfections much better than I expected at this bargain bin level. Throw curves into the equation, however, and everything unravels. I'm completely disconnected from the front end. It's, like, three miles out in front of me. Think of your destination, and imagine your front wheel already there waiting while you and the rest of your bike are just leaving the garage. That's about how far ahead of you it feels.

The sensation is actually like having a low or flat tire, even though I know it isn't. It falls in and steps out and is anything but confidence-inspiring.

Brakes: Adequate. No comparison to my GSXR binders but fine for the bike's intended purpose.

Miscellaneous: The bike smells like it's about to burst into flames any time you're at a standstill. Took me a minute to determine that it's coming from the cheesy plastic heat shrouds shielding the exhaust.
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