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Originally Posted by Cutty72 View Post
Kind of.
Know what you want in a home ie # bedrooms, # baths, square footage, yard size, garage size, type of HVAC, type of foundation, etc
Know what price you are willing to pay (and can afford)
Know what a home that meets your specs is going for in the area you are looking.
Look until you find one.
Don't look too far out of your price range, as you will be dissappointed that you can never close a deal
Don't be afraid to lowball if the house either
A. has a LOT of problem areas, or needs a lot of work, or
B. has been on the market for a long time, or
C. you know the seller is "motivated" ie, they are already moved out and probably paying 2 morgatages.

that's some of the things I learned while looking.

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